Read This When You Feel Like Your Life Is Nothing But A Mess

We begin to think that when things are not going right – that nothing can get better. We become hard on ourselves when things don't quite go our way. When life seems to be nothing but a mess perhaps we continue to think we are the problem. And I get it, it is easy to be consumed by all the bad things – the messy things of life seem to hold us down, and it gets harder every time to see what good is trying to come out of everything. 

But here is the thing…even when you feel like your life is nothing but a mess, there is so much more. 

You see even though your mind is getting the best of you – even though your self-confidence and your faith are going out the window –  please stop and take a real look around you.

You have to understand holding onto everything that seems to be going wrong is preventing you from seeing all that is being kept together. You are doing more damage to your mental health by not seeling life for all it can be. 

You have to stop. You have to understand your life so much more than just mess. 

You have to remember to see yourself for who you are, and that this mess… is temporary. You have to remember that even in the middle of it all you are still wonderful, you are still cared about, you are still important.

And it is valid to feel the way you are feeling – but please darling don't let it control your life. Don't let it consume you. 

See the worst thing you could do is let others believe everything in your life perfectly fine – when you are feeling this way – please do not accept it as the end outcome Let others know when you are not okay and try to make beauty in the middle of chaos. 

Life right now may feel gloomy – it may feel broken and make you feel crazy – but please find something you can do to make yourself feel at ease. You are not a victim here, and it does get better.

FInd a way to free yourself – rather it be camping, writing, reading – anything to let go of the mess and bring the beauty back. You have the power in this life to be better – and do better. But you have to believe that. You have to hold onto that. 

Regardless of the mess in front of you – remind yourself that there is more to come – more you can do – more you can use to grow. Nothing is a setback, you just have to believe in it. You have to use it all as a lesson to grow. 

Even though life may be a mess – it doesn't mean you are not enough – use your energy to find something more, to be aware of your surroundings and do what it is you set your mind to. 

Whatever is going on now, is not going to be forever – you have the strength to do anything you set your mind to. And just know you can do anything with a little push, and a litle time to do the best and be the best you can. 

Life may be a mess now – but it will not be that way forever. 

Free your mind, and focus on what can be. Focus on what could be. Life may be a mess now, but it is never forever.

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