Read This If Your Heart Can’t Stop Loving Him

“Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what’s left and look forward to what’s coming next”

You have a big heart, so it’s your nature to love hard and be committed to your emotions and the person that you love with immeasurable intensity. It’s a great quality to have but it also has its disadvantages when the person that you love stops loving you back. It’s not like you can easily heal from not having his arms around you. It takes more to stop loving someone that you’ve connected so deeply with and given your heart to without restrictions.

Because you felt it in your heart that you and he were meant to be. He gave you a million reasons to love him and he also loved you back. He was there for you through the good and bad times, unconditionally. He supported you and celebrated every moment with you. And he never gave you a reason to doubt that what you had was real.

Together you experienced something beautiful and it never crossed your mind that what he felt for you and all the love he was giving you had an expiration date. But this is not your fault because it’s not possible to have predicted an end to your fairy tale.

So, What now? The overwhelming sadness consumes you and you’re not sure if you’ll ever be able to stop loving him. The truth is, you will. Right now it’s hard to believe that healing from a wounded heart is possible but time is necessary to give your soul the chance to understand why certain relationships are not meant to be. You can trust that loving him was not in vain.

You can’t blame yourself for something that you have no control over. The fact that you’re hurting is not your fault, the only thing you’re guilty of is loving someone with your whole heart and that’s not a crime. Loving has its risks and only the bravest are willing to take all chances in order to fulfill what their heart desires. You should be proud of what your heart is capable of and you should take pride in not being scared to love and receive love.

Your heart is heavy with grief right now but that’s only temporary. When you least expect it your love for him will slowly fade away and your heart will be healed and ready to move on to new beautiful experiences. It’s okay to embrace what you’re feeling right now but don’t dwell or elaborate on the pain. Allow your heart to process the loss, so you can learn from the experience and give your mind the peace necessary to completely move on.

You should believe that if you’re strong enough to love, you’re strong enough to overcome this. When you let someone into your heart, that person is going to have an effect on your life but it’s up to you to turn that experience into something positive regardless of how the relationship ends. It’s up to you to make the best out of loving someone even if they stop loving you back.

Be grateful for having the ability to love, and be patient with your heart. You might not know when your love for him might fade away, but you can be certain that your heart will forget him. Because the one for you it’s out there and you must completely heal your heart from the heartbreak in order to receive the one that will be able to give you the forever lasting love that you deserve.

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