Read this If You Feel Like You Try So Hard but It Just Doesn't Cut It

“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.” —Stephen Covey

Sometimes the obstacles that we encounter in our lives may seem monumentally impossible to tackle, and all we want to do is numb ourselves and literally pretend that we don’t exist. We just want to get under our covers and binge watch shows non stop until the end of eternity. It just sucks to feel that after all the effort and hard work that we put into getting ahead in life, we end up feeling exhausted and like we’re falling behind. 

Yes, life is not always a walk in the park but it’s also true that you’re not always as far behind as you may think. Your perception is most likely playing tricks on you. You are probably focusing on the wrong things and by doing so, you’re not realizing how far you’ve really come. I’m sure you’re being way too hard on yourself and that if you really stop to think about the many great thing that you have going for yourself today, you’ll be able to put together and extensive list of things to be proud of.  

Seriously, be honest with yourself and count your blessing. Start being grateful for the little things in your life. Yes, you’re entitled to feel down once in a while, but you’re not doing yourself any favors if you start elaborating on your misery.  You’re more than your negative thoughts and whether you believe it or not right now, the truth is, you have a lot of thing to be grateful for and you have what it takes to get ahead in life and accomplish every single desire that lives in your heart. 

Life wouldn’t be as exciting if everything came easy for you. The whole point of life is to challenge yourself, so you can experience your potential. Everything you’re going through right now, good or bad, is leaving you with unimaginable lessons that are shaping you and making you into a more layered and complete individual. 

You have to take the challenges that your life has in store for you by the horns. You’re not a victim of your circumstances, because you’re acknowledging your emotions and dealing with them as best you can. Your life is unique and only you can give your life meaning, so be happy for being the person that you are today. Don’t compare yourself or your life with others, that’s not fair to you or to your uniqueness. 

Life is not a movie, your life is yours to create, live as you please, so hang onto those things that make you absolutely happy and make them guide you into the path that’s going to take you where you want to go.  

Don’t indulge on feeling sorry for yourself, give yourself credit for every single thing you’ve accomplished, even if you think it’s small. Celebrate that you’re a capable individual that might be having a hard day today but tomorrow is going to wake up with the strength and inspiration to take over the world. 

Please remember that no matter how hard it might be right now, you will always come out on the other side just a little a bit stronger and a little bit wiser.

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