Read This If You Are Ever Told That You Feel Too Much

He said, you are too much. You talk too much. You feel too much. 

I din't reply him. I stood in silence. 

But silence implies consent. 

If you’ve ever been told that you are too much…

Too zealous.

Too bright.

Too fierce.

If you’ve ever been made to feel that you need to shake off your sparkles, your beauty.

To become banal and laconic.

To fit into a box that is much too small for the magnificence of your being.


I had learned that I was too much , too big, to expressive. 

I apologized for my quickness of speech, the way that I hopped up out of my seat when I was really turned on about something. I curbed my eagerness and hid my dreams in infinity.

I told myself that what I was doing was polite.

I told myself that no one would give a shit about anything good about me, until I lost weight, had money, had a partner, ________.
I used those obstacles to deny myself entry to the life that I desperately wanted for myself.

But here is the real thing, you do not have to apologize for the full magnitude of the person that you are.

For having too many interests.

For being too passionate.

For your strange parts or secret parts or underutilized parts.

So if he says, you are too much. You talk too much. You feel too much. 

Here is the real problem with him. He is too minuscule to appreciate that it took an entire cosmos being woven into one soul to make you.  

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