PSA To All The Guys Out There, We Like Oral Too

Picture this, you’re with the most amazing man, he’s handsome, perfect body sculpted by God himself, and he’s got you all hot and bothered. You’re thinking to yourself, this is what I’ve been waiting for, a great guy to give you the big O.

You go down on him, you put all you’ve got, showing him you appreciate all the work he’s done to get to this moment, and he stops to passionately kiss you. And you lay back expecting him to return the favor.

And he doesn’t.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

I don’t care how fantastic the sex is, it’ll never be more than just eh without him going down on you too.

I’m getting really tired of these boys who just expect for me to go down without even a little bit of returning the favor.

Like first off, I just went to town on you. Slobbing on the knob. Getting lock jaw. My neck hurts. And you can’t spend 5 minutes with your face in between my legs?

It’s just frustating. Now I’m over here thinking about those soft lips on my lips (and not the ones on my face) and not even enjoying myself because this is a problem.

I shaved for this. Made myself all baby bottom smooth and this dumb boy is neglecting my nether regions. Ugh.

Nope. Not anymore. I’m going on strike. If you can’t get me off with your mouth, I refuse to participate in oral too.

Let’s see how you like it. Hint, hint you won’t.

To my beautiful ladies, if he’s not going down on you during sex, refuse him the pleasure of you going down on him. Hopefully he’ll get the message and start writing stories with his tongue.

And to my future bae or some other man reading this, give us oral and we’ll never have to hold out on you.