No Matter What I Do, My Heart Just Can't Quit You

I’ve been holding on to the idea of us working out for a while now. I know we aren’t ever going to be a “thing.” We are never going to have a happily ever after. But somehow I am hoping fate will step in.

You crossed my path at the perfect moment.  

How am I supposed to let go of you? I don’t understand how things went wrong but in more ways than one, I feel that I can’t call it quits just yet.

Just like I need you…you need me too. You need me more than you know right now. 

We need each other and because of that, I can’t quit you. I know you need my help. You need me to show you some light, a glimmer of hope that life will get better. 

You need someone in your corner to root for you and cheer you on. And you need to hear that somebody also needs you too.

Maybe we were only meant to be in each other’s lives for a little while, but I don’t believe our time is up yet. 

Something tells me that you need me to help show you the way. And as much as it would seem easier to walk away from you as you pull away, I just can’t.

You haven’t given me anything at all to hold on to…..nothing at all to hope things will work out. But something continues to tug on my heart strings and tell me that I shouldn’t give up on you.  

Maybe you don’t know how to quit this dysfunction we have going either and you know there might be something to hold on to, but you just haven’t realized it yet. But my heart won’t let me quit you, I can’t and I won’t. 

And I will continue to hold on to faith knowing somehow our worlds will collide again as I wait for you.