Music You Didn't Know You Show Know Part One: Bitter's Kiss

Bitter’s Kiss; the album you play in your car when you take the long way home, the album to play after a breakup, and an album to play while drinking a glass of wine and twirling in your living room. 

Bitter’s Kiss is a band that you’ve probably never heard of, and I believe it’s my civic duty as a human being, who can appreciate a unique sound and some heart wrenching lyrics, to inform you.

Her songs are more than just having a crush or feeling sad, it’s real. For example her single “Love Won’t Make You Cry” serves as a melodic, soulful reminder of what real love should feel like, which every one needs to be reminded of. 

But not all of her songs, are slow indie ballads, ‘No One Will” is a prime example of her range and she moves into a uptempo song that you will find yourself lightly air-drumming to, but don’t be mistaken, this song is a heart-wrenched too. 

Her voice is authentic and you believe every word she beautifully seems to whisper in your ear. Chloe Baker is the indie Taylor Swift we have all been looking for.

I think I can best describe Bitter’s Kiss as the album that feels all too familiar in the best way possible: your favorite sweater, a hug from your best friend, warm fuzzy feelings. 

These songs sound like they should be the last thing you hear as the credits roll, when a touching romantic comedy ends. When that does happen, you’re gonna wanna say you knew about her first.

Don’t Believe me, Check it out for yourself: