Music You Didn't Know You Should Know Part Two: Chords of Truth

Chords of Truth (Jason Garriotte) is a folk artist who, according to his soundcloud page, is reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

 I don’t know if that’s the comparison I’d make, but nevertheless the sound is pure and refreshing, but vintage and cool at the same time. I think that comparing him only cheapens his unique sound.

Chords of Truth just released the single “Freedom”. I picture this song during a desert road trip. You have one earbud in and you’re bobbing your head to this as you pick out snacks and buy a case of beer. 

The chorus picks up just as you exit the store and you skip to the car to the beat of it. Taking in the beautiful scenery and the soft noises of the open road. 

This isn’t the only great song that Garriotte has to offer. He has songs such as “Dreams” that showcases his deeply emotional folk style voice that is rough and sweet at the same time. Another surprising, but great song is “The Power to Be Alive” which is a dubstep mix. 

His whole sound is filled with beautiful contradiction.

It’s a new combination that weirdly works; it’s both, trippy and unique. Clicking through the songs and listening to them is one giant, pleasant surprise. His wide range of styles is mesmerizing.

Impress your friends and show them you listen to new and sensational tunes. The best way to look cooler than you are is to be able to recommend the best music. 

Obscure, yet memorable.

He is currently booking shows in the Los Angeles area, so check him out if you’re nearby. If not, here is the link to his soundcloud page.