Meal Prep Ideas for Lunch So You Can Always Afford Happy Hour With Friends

Once you hit your twenties, you realize one key thing about life that you maybe never truly understood before: The cost of living is fuckingexpensive! And you have to eat to stay alive, so there’s no denying questioning if you should spend money on your next meal or get drinks with your friends after work. While buying lunch every day is a treat, it adds up… fast. So instead of blowing all your money on an overpriced salad or an acai bowl that fits in the palm of your hand, here are some meal prep ideas for your lunch, so you can always afford happy hour with your friends.

Say you spend approximately $11.50 on lunch every day, five days a week, you’re looking at $57.50 a week, $230 a month, give or take. So, it makes sense to cancel on happy hour because you have no money. But with these meals, your friends and your wallet will be thanking you.

Week One: Quinoa Spinach Power Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette

(double recipe to make 4-5 meals)

(2) Dole Fresh Spinach, 8 Oz– $3

BetterBody Foods Quinoa, Organic, 24 oz– $7

Two Large Tomatoes– $6

One Cucumber– $3  

Raisins– $2

Lemon Juice– $2

Extra Virgin Olive Oil– $10

Total: $33

You’d save: $24.50*

Week Two: Chicken Cobb Salad 

(Double recipe to make 4-5 meals)

 4 heads of romaine lettuce– $4

Bundle of cherry tomatoes– $6

(2) Avocados– $3

Eggs– $3

Bacon– $5

2 Pounds Chicken Breast– approx. $7

Total: $28 

You’ve save: $29.50*

Week Three: Chicken Burrito Bowl

Rice– $2

1.5 Pounds Chicken– approx. $5

Canned Black beans– $0.75

Canned Corn– $.075

Pico De Gallo (store bought) Salsa– $2.50

Greek Yogurt– $2.50

Total: $13.50 

You’d save: $44*

Week Four: Roasted Chicken and Veggies

(Vegetarian option, opt chicken for tofu)  

Rice– $2

Broccoli– $3

Zucchini– $2

Tomato– $3

Onion– $2.50

2 Pounds Chicken Breast– approx. $7

Total: $19.50

You’d save: $38* 

With these meal prep ideas, you’ll never get bored of eating the “same thing” and you’ll always be able to catch that happy hour with your friends. Monthly you’d be saving around $94… can you imagine all the vodka seltzers you could you having with your friends let alone plates of nachos?? Happy prepping, ladies.

*You’d Save: $57.50 you’d potentially spend each week buying lunch minus the total cost of Week One, Two, Three, or Four for meal prep.  

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