Maybe One Day You'll Start Acting Like An Adult, Until Then Keep Talking Shit

There's a distinct difference between you and I.

I do not need to bash another then defend my character. 

Do you know why? I value my dignity more than my reputation.

An insecure woman will stir up trouble because she has to be the winner. 

A secure woman will do nothing because she knows she's the winner either way. 

No matter who tries to bring me down, I will never succumb to their level.

Tell whoever you want what you want them to believe. 

The truth will always remain the truth no matter how much you cover it up or omit the facts.

You don't scare me. You don't intimate me. You are sure as hell not superior to me. 

So continue to feed people lies, act like you're the victim and lie and say that I'm a monster.

Any sane individual will see through all the shit you pull.

But… you are the company you keep. 

So next time when you decide to cry and play the victim to get "likes" and condolences from people who believe your bullshit.

Remember to include the parts of all the horrible and unthinkable things you've said about me.

Remember all the times you selfishly choose yourself over the health and well being of the people "you care about."

Remember to tell them the whole story not just the bits and pieces of where I defend myself.

The way you present yourself says everything of what kind of a person you are more than me. 

Keep talking shit, you don't hurt me.

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