Mark Salling Deserved to Die, But Not By Suicide

Former “Glee” actor, Mark Salling, is reportedly dead from an apparent suicide after his body was found near a river bed in Los Angeles. This was all after Salling plead guilty to possession of child pornography involving pre-pubescent minors and was sentenced to seven years in prison starting March 2018. Prosecutors say he had 50,000 imagines of underage children that he viewed on a regular basis. That being said and knowing all the repulsive crimes he committed, Salling deserved to die, but not by suicide.

Salling’s committed transgressions were beyond shameful and disgusting, and for him to not own up to his crimes accordingly by choosing suicide is cowardly. But what’s to expect from a repulsive human being like him? It’s people like Mark Salling who give suicide a stigma.

Because of degenerate people like him, many children are being sexually abused.  His actions contributed to bile acts against children that do not get to have a voice. They don’t get to choose their fate so why should Salling get to decide his?

His actions carry extremely heavy consequences that deserve to be dealt with and faced on a daily basis. If it were up to me, he’d have a life full of sleepless nights and being tortured in prison not only by his inmates, but by his circling thoughts of what an awful human being he turned out to be. 

If I got to decide what happened to him, he’d never see the light of day again. Just the fact that he even had the nerve to commit suicide and ignore the fact that he owed so much to not only his victims but their families as well, shows what a worthless human being he is. Salling and every person like him, deserve absolutely no mercy. 

I understand that when the topic of suicide comes up, some people find it in their big hearts to feel sorry for them, thinking “he must have felt so alone and scared,” and “he thought there was no hope.” But the thing is, people like Salling and other criminals who committed suicide after doing something terrible, deserve nothing less than to feel this way and live every waking moment of their lives tormented by the truth of what they’ve done.

Mass shooters such as Stephen Paddock of the Las Vegas shooting, Seung-Hui Cho killing 33 people at Virginia Tech and the god-awful Adam Lanza who terrorized Sandy Hook Elementary School one afternoon in 2012, all had the gall to take the lives of so many helpless people and then pathetically took their own. And worst of all, the lives of children were stolen. Helpless young lives who had so much hope for their future, now don’t have the chance to kiss their moms ever again. 

Think about that for a second. To some women, having a child gives them a purpose in life, it’s something they dream of their entire lives. Imagine one day, you send your child to school, you drop them off and drive away, only to find out that afternoon that some man came in a murdered your baby? Imagine how scared they must have felt, they were probably screaming for you the entire time. Imagine that now, you’ll never be able to hold your child again because they’re watching over you from heaven. 

These people are the poison of the earth.

They should be the ones waking up every single morning in a fog because of what an awful human being they are. They deserve to spend every second of their day wanting to die but not able to do anything about it. The families of every victim deserve to know the murder of their loved one isn’t getting the easy way out. But instead, their families now have the wrestle with the fact that the one person they hate the most in this world, got to make a choice about their life that their loved one didn’t get to make. 

Who the fuck do these egotistical psychopaths think they are that they have the right to take other people’s lives anyway? Only God has that kind of power in his hands and these cowards are the furthest thing for Him. In fact, they’ve rightfully earned their front row seat burning in hell.

I have absolutely no remorse for someone who decides to reek havoc on another person’s life then take their own just to escape the wrath.

Salling deserved to live a life full of regret for looking at pictures of underage children, for supporting the sexual abuse of young lives, and leaving them with absolutely no control over what happens to them. Paddock, Lanza, Cho and so many more deserved to live a life that is equivalent to burning in hell for genuinely believing a mass shooting was the right thing to do. They are sick minded individuals who deserve absolutely nothing more in this life than to suffer immense pain. 

They are the ones who don’t deserve a say in their own lives, not their victims. The only positive outlook on this entire situation is the fact that our world is no longer poisoned with their existence, but deep down, I would’ve rather watched them all suffer a life spent behind bars where they belong. 

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