Loving Me Isn't Easy, But Here's My Vow to You

You’ve made a vow to love me, to protect me, to comfort me, and to be that shoulder to lean on, but I don’t make all of this easy for you. 

I’m hard to love – I’m picky, I’m indecisive, I’m moody, I’m self-conscious, and I’m constantly searching for reassurance over the stupidest shit (even though there’s no reassurance needed what-so-ever). 

From day one, your vow to me has nearly been set in stone and never changing. It’s like you sharpie’d me into your life from that point forward. 

You’ve loved me, protected me, cared for me, listened to me, and dealt with my moods; yet somehow you’ve managed to come out like a champ and love me anyway. 

For all the times you’ve gotten wrapped into my psychopathic moody self, I want you to know that I, too, have made vows to you:

No matter how upset I become, how annoyed I get with you, how frustrated I get, how worried I get over stupid shit, or how much I question things I will always trust in you, believe in you, and love you. 

There are times where I push you away, but my vow to you here is that it’s not intentional, but rather a natural instinct that flourished from my past – I need you to stay, and I promise you that I’m here to annoy you until the end of time. 

I vow to love you during the best times and in the worst, to stand by your side and face battles head-on, to fight for this (for you – for us) and to never give up, to be your princess and one day your queen, to show you off and to accept you for all that you are. 

I vow to put in all the effort that I have, to love you unconditionally, to never let you down, and to be the one you can lean on in times of need. 

I vow to listen to you, to always encourage you and lift your head back up, to never let you fail, and to be the best and all that I can be. 

From this day forward, I vow to keep you as my own M.V.P, to share all my secrets with you, to keep you as a top priority, and to give you all the love that I have to give. 

I’m hard to love, but you make loving me look easy.