Love Me Or Leave Me, I Just Don't Want to Wait for You Anymore

Something feels different about you and  I’m too scared to unveil the truth in fear that it might be soul crushing. My heart is not ready to live without you but the apprehension is slowly killing me and I rather walk away before I give you a chance to shatter my heart. 

I know you love me and care about me but it would kill me to find out that you’re struggling to stay because you’re having doubts about your feelings for me. We’ve invested so much in this relationship, we’ve been happy and we’ve grown a lot together. 

I don’t want to assume the worse but what else could it be?  I know people change, I know I have but my love for you is strong and continues to grow every day. I know you’re struggling with something, I can tell because your hugs have turned shorter and your kisses less frequent. I feel like I’m no longer the center of your world; you barely look at me directly in the eyes and you hesitate to answer whenever I ask you if everything is okay. 

It hurts me to be in this position and I can’t keep waiting around until you decide if our relationship is worth fighting for. It’s not fair to me, so please just love me or leave me.  If you love me, whatever it is you’re going through I’m certain that we can work it out but my hands are tight when you refuse talk about it. You can’t keep me guessing and hoping for answers and you can’t expect for things to get resolved without shedding light to whatever it is that's creating distance between us. 

I’ve given you space and plenty of time to evaluate your feelings and thoughts. I’ve been patient and kind but I don’t think I can keep waiting for you. If you don’t believe in us as much as I do, there’s no point on holding onto something that doesn’t belong to me anymore. 

I deserve to have a saying on the relationship that we both built. I’m worth knowing the truth in your heart no matter what it is. Because I’m worth more than your silence and avoidance.  

I deserve to be loved, so if you don’t love me anymore just do the right thing and walk away before you completely tarnish our history. I've given you my all and now it's time for you to do the same regardless of the consequences. 

Leave me or love me, but you can't have both. 

"Take me or leave me, accept me or walk away or hate me but don't make me feel less of a person if I don't fit your idea of who I should be"