Listen Up Ladies, This Is When You Shouldn't Take Him Back

Sometimes…people change. Sometimes… you really can make it work the second time around. But most of the time, taking your ex back is a recipe for disaster.

It’s easy to think things will be different a second time around. Especially when you are lonely and are only focusing on the good parts of your relationship. Don’t fall into his trap, because you may just end up with your heart more broken than before.

Don’t take him back if he has cheated on you. Cheating on someone doesn’t show just a lack of love, but a lack of respect. He selfishly put his wants and desires ahead of you, without any concern about the humiliation you would feel.

Don’t go back to a man that humiliated you. 

Don’t take him back if he’s lied to you about big issues. Little white lies are one thing, but someone who constantly lies about big things is not someone you need to be with. Past behavior predicts future behavior.

Don’t go back to a man that isn’t done lying to you.

Don’t take him back if he has ghosted you in the past. After a few months of radio silence, he is texting you saying he misses you. He doesn’t miss you, he is lonely and horny.

Remember, at one point, you weren’t worth his words.  He is not worth taking back.

Don’t take him back if he still doesn’t have a job. Yes, we live in a day and age where a man does not need to take care of you. But he still needs to be able to take care of himself.

Letting a man live off you is something you should never allow.

Don’t take him back if he is controlling. Wanting to know your every move is not a sign of love. It’s a sign of insecurity. It is a sign of a very toxic relationship and you should never jump back into it.

You can control your own life; he wants to take away your power.

Don’t take him back if he has ever been abusive. This goes beyond just physical abuse. Emotional abuse can be just as bad. Name calling, controlling behavior (see above), and making you feel worthless are all considered abuse.

Do not go back to what broke you.

Don’t take him back if he is promising to change…again. So this isn’t the first time you’ve made up and broke up, and every time you do, you hear “baby, I’ll change.” And then he doesn’t. Well guess, what, he’s not going to.

Don’t keep giving chances out; don’t keep giving pieces of your heart away, to a man that doesn’t deserve it.

A zebra cannot change his stripes, and a woman cannot change a man.

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