Just Wait for Someone that Feels Like Home

‘When you find true love, home is no longer a place. It’s the person you love. And wherever they are, you are home.”

When you least expect it, you’re going to find yourself in front of the person that will not only take your breath away in that split second, but that will also feel like home. It’ll be an encounter you might not be prepared for but it’ll immediately feel like it was destined, everything about it will feel right and you’ll know in your heart that it’s meant to last. 

You’ll feel that your whole being gravitates towards him and you’ll feel the need to be around him and explore everything about him. And he’ll feel the same way about you. 

Something about him will lure you in, but in a good way. You’ll just know he’s the one capable of breaking all the walls that you’ve meticulously built around your heart. And you won’t hesitate to embrace the way he makes your heart skip a beat. 

He’s the one that’ll be able to see right through you and will accept every inch of you. Because he has the ability to see beauty in your flaws and embrace your imperfections. He appreciates every part of you because for him all of you is what he wants and needs, nothing less and nothing more. 

The connection that you share will be so strong, you won’t have to really understand it to know that your bond is unbreakable. You’ll just be overflowed with the joy this person has brought into your life. 

You’ll both share the same feeling, so you’ll want to share each other’s world. You’ll want to be an open book and talk about your fears and dreams. Because you know you’ll never be judged for any of it. You can be as raw and real with this person because what they give back is compassion and understanding. And you’ll surrender to his love and acceptance.  

 Everything about this feeling will be proof that he’s the one. 

So you’ll look at him and embrace him with the same acceptance. Because in your eyes he’s beautifully imperfect. You’re each other’s soulmates because every second you spend together feels like an eternity. Being apart would be a terrible mistake, he feels right, he feels like home and you couldn’t see it any other way. 

He becomes a part of you, so everything they feel and go through feels like it’s happening to you too. You become one and you can imagine your life without him. You realize they’ve become your reason to be, your reason to breath. 

Because you’ve finally found each other, you’re home for each other and you’ve promised to grow through what you go through in life together, forever. 

One day soon, you’ll find someone like this, so when you do, embrace it, be grateful and enjoy experiencing love fully. 

“Don’t think. It complicate things. Just feel and if it feels like home then follow its path.” 

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