Just the Way You Are: You Are Beautiful

The essence of life is making the most of what we have, what we were given naturally. We are meant to appreciate these things to the fullest. Certain habits have grown, have corrupted us and are becoming norms which to a great extent is detrimental to us as humans. We are losing our core appreciation for our natural selves, not knowing that any route that leads one away from his/her natural state, will definitely lead to a steep fall. With science and technology, there have been discoveries that enhance looks, skin color, hair texture and so what not, all these have they're which mostly boil down to physical appearances. Gradually, we are losing sight of what matters.

Regularly, people go for plastic surgery and as we know, plastic surgery gone wrong is nothing new. Mostly with individuals(celebrities) who are in the entertainment industry, and propagate plastic surgeries as the only way to look enticing. A lot of people get misled into trying to look like people they aren’t and they end up with ruined careers and a very big hole in their bank accounts. Are there, benefits to plastic surgeries? Sincerely, there are no benefits. Whatever is gotten is transitory and will definitely lead to a chain of plastic surgery procedures because, once one part of the body is altered, some other parts need alteration in turn so as to balance the look. Some say it is addictive too. There is a probability that during or after the procedure, something can go wrong. Doctors are humans and humans are not past mistakes. The individuals who are operated on are humans too and as humans, our body reacts or accept to different changes or alterations in different ways. So, to partake in such is a gamble, a very steep one at that.

We have all been exceptionally made, we are all different, unique and beautiful in our owns ways. It is normal to have a flaw or something you do not like, but instead of trying to alter it, accept it as your mark of difference from everyone else. Do not be misled by the glitz and glam going on the television, the never show you the after effects or the repercussions, it is never always so cool as they portray in. Grow your hair naturally and apply natural products that will enhance it naturally. Apply creams that do not affect your skin but enhance it the way it is. Love and adore your body, partake in regular physical exercises and eat healthily. When you do all this, you will realize that your body is the best thing to exist on earth.