Just A Reminder, You Can Be The Tough Woman Who Doesn't Want Love

I want to let you know it is okay to be tough. It is okay to see the world for what it is and have a giant backbone that follows the way you let people in. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be delicate, but wanting to be yourself. You see the world a bit differently, and you realize you care but you might just have some hesitations.

And if you're the woman who keeps her guard up that is fine too. In this day and age, we are told we are being too cold, and we are unapproachable. But your identity for being tough doesn't mean you don't care about those around you.

It doesn't mean you are not approachable. Fuck the people who use that as an excuse to not to get to know you. Being who you are is part of what makes your identity absolutely wonderful.

And at the end of the day if people are reminding you how tough you are in an attempt to get you to fall in love – tell them to fall back.

You are the tough woman, and that is evident based on your experiences and encounters with others. You've let people in in the past for them to perhaps let you down. Maybe they tried to walk all over you and you realized you just couldn't have that.

You gave love a chance and opened your heart and realized maybe it wasn't working for you. 

So you took some steps back. To establish who you wanted to be. You took what strength you had, and realized love was just not on your radar. 

So you decided to remain tough loving, not letting people who wanted nothing to do but steal your joy and your heart. You created a strong self of self that you carry and you carefully decided who you would let in. Because you weren't having those who were working against you be apart of your life plan.

And you know what … that's fine. 

You've chosen to let your warrior side show. You've decided to plant a firm foot on who you are and say right now, this whole "love" thing isn't for you.

And that is perfectly acceptable.

It is perfectly okay. 

No one gets to decide the fate of some of the strongest out there. And don't let them believe they can take that strong label away from you – because many will try.

See being tough doesn't mean you love any less.

It means you love with strength, and it means you are equally loving people just as the next person, – you just are careful on who you choose to love. 

You can be the tough woman who is caring – who holds onto those in her life with passion and works hard to make a difference. You give your all, you just also know what you want and who you deserve. 

So be the damn tough woman.

Be the one who sets boundaries, and sets her own path. Because you know right not you don't need to value being in a relationship with someone as a tool to be able to grow on your self.

You know right now – love is not something you are actively chasing for. 

And to you tough lady, there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with trying to take on your own world and figure things out with the constant nagging of find "finding the one".

You are a phenomal woman.  You are independent, and you are strong. 

And it is okay to learn how to live in a world that tells you, you should constantly find love. 

Give anyone the middle finger who thinks this means you have to give up yourself. You do you, and the end of the day.

Just know to be tough means you are not conforming…and that is wonderful. 

Being who you are is valid. 

And you don't need love to tell you that. 

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