Ivan Beecroft Release New Single "Believe" and Best Believe It's a Hit

Ivan Beecroft has released the first single off his upcoming album titled. Beecroft is a retro/rock pop artist from Australia.

In general, Beecroft's music sounds like it was plucked straight from the 90's grunge era. The lyrics are angsty and the vocals are have a similar, but not identical Cobain like growl. 

For those of us who have been wearing slip dresses and chokers, before it became a major trend, before Taylor Swift did it, you will dig the nostalgia that this music produces. 

The single "Believe" can best be described as "grunge pop." It is rough like grunge, and the message is grungy AF. "Believe" discusses the struggles of dating in modern times, with a bittersweet tone. It also reminds me of a version of Nickelback that everyone wouldn't hate. 

However, the background music reminds me of indie pop, more specifically the sound is reminiscent of a band called The Rocket Summer, but instead of Bryce's pop punky high pitched voice coming in, we have Ivan's deeper, rougher voice– the contradicting themes in the song work for it. The happy sounding background music, against the frustration in the song and Ivan's vocals.

This is the kind of artist that you could love or hate. It's not for everyone, but it's unapologetically itself, which is part of the specialness of the track and the sound.

You can listen to Ivan's single Believe as well as his other music from his 2016 full-length album titled "Dirty Lie" on his soundcloud page: