It's Time to Let Your Anger Go

Some people just wake up angry. They start every day of their lives miserable and take it out on those around them. No matter what has happened in their past; regardless of what has made them this way; there comes a time when you just have to let your anger go.

There is more to life than hating it. There is more to it than being mean to everyone in it. Being miserable, and trying to make others miserable is a poor use of time.

Maybe something terrible has happened to you. It made you mad at God, and mad at the world. Maybe you are broken. I get it. I truly understand how that feels.

But you cannot live like that forever.

Find something that brings you joy. There are so many wonderful things in this world, there has to be something that makes you smile.

Exercise. Meditate. Pick up a hobby. Work on your relationships. Go to therapy.

There are people that love you. People that are hurting for you. And you are pushing them away with your angry demeanor.

Whatever it is that is making you so angry: let that shit go.

It is time.

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