It's Okay To Break Down but Please Never Give Up

We want to be so strong all of the time. We never want our weakness to be seen because to us, that is failure.

You are not a failure. You have everything inside yourself to break through the tragedy and to be brand new. 

I assure you, you are allowed to break down. To cry. To feel inadequate. You are allowed to feel. 

You are allowed to be sad. You are allowed to be angry but these feelings will never get you where you want to be.

Do not dwell here. Somewhere someone needs your heart. You are meant for something bigger and you have a purpose. 

The only time you will ever fail is when you decide to quit trying. To give up on your dreams you’re inches from reaching. To give up on what you’ve worked so hard for. 

Life has battles but it has even better lessons. 

If in your heart you feel like this is right for you, Pursue it.. If you feel it in your bones how badly you want it, NEVER never give it up. 

People will never be able to understand what you’re going through. You’ll have people trying to tear you apart and break you down so you’ll never get back up. 

Please get back up. Quitting is not who you are. 

When the stress becomes too much, take a step back and re enter with grace. 

When you get rejected believe that something better is in store for you. 

When your heart is bitter never take revenge, do better. 

Always. Always DO BETTER because you are capable of it.

When someone tries to make you feel inferior always be the bigger person. Make them wonder how the hell they didn’t break you?

You are stronger than what they make you out to be and how they make you feel. 

You have a kind heart, a loving heart, and a strong heart to take the beatings.

Your ability to take things with dignity and respect. 

You have the strength to get back up. 

This is who you are

So I want you to wipe away your tears. Tell yourself that you deserve this life. 

That what came and will come on into your life is yours and you deserve it. 

Tell yourself that you deserve every bit of happiness. 

Tell yourself that you are beautiful and you are deserving. 

Tell yourself that love will find its way. 

It’s okay to break down but please, please never give up. 

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