It's Okay If Your Heart Can't Settle Down

Love and heartbreak. They go hand in hand. Not everything is going to last and not everything is going to fall apart. 

But there is a line between loving someone, and loving them too much, too fast. Because we cannot expect everything to come together and stay together. 

We cannot expect disaster either, and we have to understand that not everyone we love is going to leave. And in turn, not everyone we love is going to love us back.

Guess what, that's okay. 

You don't have to be one way or the other. You don't have to pick a side and you certainly don't have to act the same old ways you did with new people. 

That's half the fun, constantly changing and growing and learning from every downfall, and from the heartbreak you yourself might have caused. 

It all just comes with time, the more than you experience the more than you know. 

We all have to all stop pretending that we are always the same, that we are either all in or nothing at all because as we all know, love is never that black and white. 

It's one of the most confusing, dangerous, irrational feelings we will ever know.  And the most beautiful. 

So next time you all into something quickly, let yourself. Embrace the wildness. And if it flickers out, it flickers out. 

And the next time you get crushed, let yourself wallow. Because you tried and it failed. It happens and the world will go on. 

Allow yourself time to know and not know. To understand and to be confused. The heart and the mind work in different way, let them not get along. 

Whatever happens, have faith that it happened for a reason.