It's Okay, I Don't Need You To Fight For Me, I've Got Myself

It's fine. Really. I don't need you. I have myself, and for what it's worth, I realize now that fighting for myself means going after my dreams, my insights, and everything I want. Don't think I haven't noticed your interest in me slowly fading because I'm well aware. 

Your eyes seemed to wander to other bodies. You scrolled through Instagram liking pictures of other girls, and I’m sure that lock on your phone was to hide your dating apps. I’m just not having it anymore.

I’m not interested in being with someone who never wants me by their side. I realized, like I still do now, that I have better things to do than deal with you and allowing you to make me feel less than worthy.

So I’m walking away and I don't need you to fight for me because I've decided to let you go. I don't need you to tell me you want me back, I don’t need you to apologize and tell me you want a second chance. I have better people in my life now and without you, it’s a whole lot less toxic. 

Fights between two people who love each other are hard, but fights with you were exhausting. Honestly, at times, I never thought I would get my old self back after all the harsh words you said to me.

You were draining me of everything I used to be, everything I once stood for. There were times I wondered why I was putting myself through this.

I deserve to have someone who fights for me, who wants me on the good days and the bad days, and if that’s not going to be you, I can fight for myself. 

And yeah maybe that is harsh – maybe I am defending my own spirit and keeping it close to my heart, but I’m more than okay with that if it means not allowing people like you to terrorize my heart again. 

I'm okay with protecting myself. I've got me, and that is all I need. So to hell with you for not wanting me, I've got myself or a while.

And I'm perfectly content with that.

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