It's Not You, It's Me — I'm Finally Realizing You're Terrible For Me

I loved you with every fiber of my being. You were apart of me and who I was.

There wasn't a day that went by I didn't stop fighting for you. 

You made me believe that who I was would never be good enough, not even for you.

You broke me down so much It was hard to even love myself. 

It was hard to even look in the mirror and accept myself for who I was. 

Every passing day I thought to myself, "maybe it will get better."

I held onto this hold that you'd change into the man I need, the man I thought you were. The man you once were.

So I let it continue to happen. The emotional abuse, the constant belittling, and the all of the pain you caused me. 

So no, it wasn't you — it was me. You were never good for me.

You never once made me believe in who I was, was good enough. 

I couldn't walk away because I always believed that you fight for what you love,

I've realized that love never makes you feel less than who you are. 

My value isn't who you made me out to be. I am so much more than the lies you made me believe. 

I am strong. I am beautiful. I'm here for a purpose. 

You never once made me feel it. You never once made me believe it. 

So this is my goodbye to the man who will always be terrible for me. 

I am worth it. 

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