It Takes a Lot of Balls to Love in The Decade of Douchebags

Suddenly, there’s no such thing as going on legit dates and getting a call after. It’s all going out, meeting up, group-hangs, and being left on read receipt. 

So it’s about time we just accept it, because you can’t change someone else, the only thing you can change is how you react, right?

Don’t let those cowards make you feel like you’re doing anything wrong, your heart is just too big to lose hope in love. You obviously want to see the best in everyone, but guys these days aren’t deserving of that kind of unconditional love.  

Dealing with all this bullshit is annoying and believe me there are a lot of crazy ass girls out there, so to remain sane in the decade of douchebags, do this… 

Expect the unexpected– don’t be fooled by a douche in disguise. 

Know that no matter how much chemistry you have, how innocent he looks or how sweet his smile is, you have to protect your heart. Don’t let yourself crumble if he shows interest and talks to you nonstop then all of a sudden is MIA. 

It’s not his fault, he thinks it’s okay. He was never taught any better. 

And let your silence be numbing. 

Make him wonder why you aren’t reaching out. He’s expecting you to send him long messages about how you miss him, how you want to hangout, asking why he quit texting you out of the blue. 

So don’t give him the satisfaction. The more you act like you don’t give a shit, the more you actually won’t. 

Because it’s literally not you, it’s him.

You’ll automatically think you did something, it’s only natural. Don’t pick apart your flaws, pick apart his. Remind yourself of the badass girl you’ve always been because you deserve the god damn world. 

He’s the immature one who’s going to end up alone, not you.  Don’t let some inconsiderate loser waste any more of your vulnerable time, know your worth and wait for the one who knows it, too.

So don’t take it personally and laugh it off… at him.

When you really think about it, it’s ridiculous that guys actually get away with this. He’s clearly incapable of loving someone and he just tried to drag you down with him? HAH. Nice try, ya asswipe. You are so much better than that and you’re going to find someone so much better than that.  

And move the fuck on.

Slay the single life. Go out and do whatever makes you happy (even if that’s more than one guy in a night). Go out on dates, download the good old tinder and bumble accounts again, go places, keep trying because one day there’s going to be someone who pops into your life when you least expect it and it’ll all just make sense.. and all this bullshit that you’ve gone through will be worth it.

Even though this decade of royal douches doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I believe deep down there is a guy out there who’s half douche half sweetheart… he just takes some time to find.