In An All Too Broken World, Be A Healer

It's hard not to be overcome by the immensity of the world.

When you're watching the ocean waves roll in or when you're traveling and encountering different people in your day to day journey, it makes you realize what a small speck we are in the grand scheme of the universe. 

No wonder so many of us get lost in a night sky searching for meaning.

It can make us feel humbled while also making us wonder how we could possibly impact this beautifully broken place. 

But if there's anything that you can take away from your mission in this world, it's this… Be a healer. 

Be a healer with your words

Be thoughtful with the dialogue you have with others and with yourself. Be kind and forgiving. 

We are all going to mess up more times than we can count. Be the one that doesn't lose sight of the person inside of the mistake. 

Be the one who makes people feel like they are worthy of second chances and new beginnings. Be the one who finds a way to love others and love themselves, flaws and all. 

Be the type of person that shows others how beautiful it is to love without conditions.

Be a healer with your actions

Help people when you can. Say a few extra kind words to someone you know is struggling. Be a friend to those that are hurting

Show them that there is hope, even for the hopelessly broken. 

Because we have all been there, but sometimes people need a little extra help to find their way back to the light. 

So, be there for them and walk through it with them. It can make all the difference in the world for a soul desperately searching for guidance.

Be a healer with your spirit. 

When you let the light in, you're also going to be radiating that light out for others to see. That may be the shining example they need to help them get back to themselves. You never know who is watching or admiring your strength. 

So shine bright for all to witness. 

Regardless of a world that sometimes wants to snuff those lights out

Shine on in defiance of the pain. Shine on so others can be inspired to do the same. 

The world has enough destructive forces. So, be a healer.

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