In 2018 I Hope You Realize You’re More than Enough

It’s a new year so it’s time to say goodbye to the mindset that you aren’t enough, that there is something wrong with you and that you don’t deserve to find your own happiness. You see in 2018 I hope you realize that you’re more than enough.

You see I know you’re more than enough. I imagine the voices in your head try and convince you otherwise, they tell you that you’ll never amount up to their expectations or that no matter how hard you try there will always being someone else better than you or more deserving. You’re the one that cares beyond rationality, the one who would do anything for those that are close to you.

It’s okay to care about others and want the best for them but you can’t put yourself on the sidelines always. By allowing yourself to constantly overthink everything, worry about what others think, and let the anxiety take over you’re not allowing yourself to breathe.

Sometimes you have to stop and take a deep breathe. Seriously, it’s okay. Every day isn’t going to be easy, and sometimes you may backslide a little because you are only human. You can’t be expected to get it right all the time.

It’s a new year, so eave behind those that leave a toxic mark on everything they touch. Those who continuously point out your flaws, that push you down when you start to build yourself and those that judge you for who you are. There are those that can’t see your worth, see how amazing you are and they don’t deserve to move forward into your future.

You weren’t born to be perfect; you were born to be you.

Fall in love with yourself, the way you look, the way you think and the way you feel. Stop tearing yourself apart; instead remind yourself that you are meant to be unique. When you wish you had someone else’s characteristics remember there are things they hate about themselves as well. Perfection isn’t reality.

Take a moment to acknowledge the things of your past but let them go. Stop breaking your own heart by stalling on things you cannot change. Just because you made mistakes previously doesn’t mean that they have to stop you from trying new things. Don’t let a single heartbreak close you off from the world. Open your heart to the possibility of love, the opportunity to live life and just enjoy each and every moment you are given.

In 2018 I hope you stop worrying about everything. I hope you allow yourself a few moments to just breathe and take everything in. I hope it’s the year you start saying yes to things, instead of no or maybe. Make this the year that makes you look forward to tomorrow. Don’t set resolutions, don’t set expectations just enjoy it.

Most importantly though I hope you realize you are more than enough. You’re enough for a relationship, you’re enough for friendship, you’re enough to pursue the career you’ve dreamed of and you’re enough to do anything your heart desires.

Tell 2017 and everything that held you back before that it’s time to go and welcome 2018 with open eyes, open arms and an open heart. 

You deserve it.

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