I'm Too Busy Living My Life to Allow Toxic Friendships Dull My Sparkle

I’m done with toxic friendships, specially those with girls who pull back and prevent themselves from any sort of growth. You know, the type who thrives on tons of drama using rumors to validate their own behaviors and only suck the living soul out of everything and everyone around them. They’re petty, toxic, and fake and I’m so beyond done allowing people like that in my life.

These type of people find any excuse to dredge things up just to stir negative feelings around and somehow we end up tangled up in theirs web of shitty behavior. 

It’s really incredible that some people can be so concerned about being accepted and liked that they’ll do or say just about anything too fulfill their egocentric needs. These are the girls you can’t trust because you don’t know their true colors until they come flying at you. And when I say flying, I mean light speed. 

The meaning of friendship for these type of people is askew. They’ll treat you based on what’s going to be beneficial to them. They’ll lie to make others look bad because in their sick minds they think it’ll make them look good. I do not have time, sanity, or tolerance for any of that. I’d like to spend my time taking care of myself and bettering myself, not dealing with people’s craziness. 

I like to work every day towards something greater, something that will make my future brighter, even if it’s just the tiniest little thing. And the last thing I would do is be fake to get ahead in life or to make myself feel better. 

To each its own and I’m not one to judge. I understand that something in those girls’ past made them this way. My job is not to change them but to not let that kind of negativity affect me. I feel sympathy for them but not to the point where I’d fall into their abyss of negativity. 

I want to  keep moving forward and be the best I can be to myself and those I love. And I surely don’t give a shit if someone likes me or not because I love myself and that’s all that matters. 

Unfortunately, there are many girls in this world who will always attempt to do anything they can to spread their toxic behaviors and bring everyone tumbling down around them so they can feel like they’re on top.

Luckily for us, no one can stop us from growing constantly, loving immensely, continuously achieving, and maintaining personal strength.