I'm Still Praying Our Hearts Will Find Their Way Back To Each Other

I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours forever.”  ? Robert Browning

Sometimes it seems unreal to be able to love someone so much that your life seems senseless without them by your side. It seems impossible to rationalize the fact that he’s completely gone now, even though every part of my being craves his presence, his warmth, his touch. I’ve done it all to put our history behind me, but no matter what I do, the memory of him continues to creep into my existence. 

To fall for him felt instant and everlasting, so to rid myself of this love for him seems impossible. It’s very easy to love him, it’s also very addictive to think of him and the memories we shared without craving him one last chance. 

I know that I should do my best to give up the hope that our hearts will somehow find their way back to each other, but in all honesty, I just can’t. There’s something in me that resists the need to turn my back at him and walk away. Deep in my heart there’s something that holds on to the belief that him and I belong together. I might not understand that feeling but it haunts me and I can’t ignore it. 

He keeps showing up in my life that makes it even harder for me to give him up. I know that I no longer have any power over his heart’s desires but I just wish he would just make it easier on my heart to ignore his scent, his smile, the way he looks directly into my eyes. Everything about him feels connected to me and I just want to scream off the top of my lungs “Please, come back to me!” 

My heart longs for his absolute surrender to my love. Can he realize how good we are for each other? I wish he knew that I could give him exactly what he needs to make him feel complete. We are undoubtedly soulmates that must share life and love as one. 

All I have is for now is every prayer I make to have him back into my life and the hope that one day my wish will be manifested. I want to believe that I’ve fought hard enough for this love.

All I can do now is leave it to his heart to decide how our love story is supposed to continue, or if anything, how it is supposed to end. I strongly believe in our happy ending, so I hope your heart finds its way back to mine, so we can be happy forever.  

“If you love a person, don’t give up. Just wait on that person. And if that person won’t love you back, wait until your heart voluntarily quits”

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