I'm Not Here To Fix You, But I Sure As Hell Can Love You

 I wanted to let you know I am not here to fix you. That is not my job, and honestly, it can’t be. 

I can love you with everything I have though. And give you all I have because that is what a partnership is. It is giving when you feel like you can’t anymore. 

I can’t save you like you may want me too. Nor can I fix all the pieces of you that have broken. It is hard to put them all back together again. 

But what I can do is love you unconditionally. I can promise you I will try to bundle the pieces together and give you strength to keep moving in any direction you see fit. I can’t promise I’ll be good at it, but I can promise you the effort I think is important to give.

I can’t promise to make everything “better” all the time. But I can promise I am here to love you and be by your side through hard times.

While we may like to believe someone will be able to be up in arms to fix us, it is just not fair. I can be by your side, but I can’t promise I won’t ever let your heart down. 

I will hug you completely and love you when everything seems to be fading or the world is on your shoulders. I will do as much as I can to give you all I have to offer. Pain will come, and sometimes it will come in more ways than we would like…

But even when I can’t put out the fire of pain, I will do my best to carry you as far you let me do so. I will hold you as much as you need me to. I will be there as often as I can. 

I can’t fix the pieces that have fallen, but I will be there to hold them up as best I can. I can be my your side, but I can’t promise I won’t mess up. 

Sometimes hearts will hurt, and sometimes I’ll let you down and be apart of the problem. I know that because I am human, I do promise to try and be the best I can be though. I promise I’ll hold your hands and work toward being there even when things seem to fade. 

I know that thing get rough. I know sadness, happiness, emotions, in general, will develop – I can’t promise to understand all you might feel, but I promise to love you with everything I have. 

When you are uncertain of this world around you, I will be there. When you think I might leave, I’ll always be there to come back your way. 

I can’t fix you, but I can love you.

I can’t fix the pain or hurt right away. Nor can I hide you from the lows of this life. 

But I can and always will love you – even when you feel you can’t love yourself. When you feel like things are fading, I will be there.

I can’t fix you, but I can promise to give this my all and love you as hell. 

And that is all I can give you and more. 

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