If You're Tired of Waiting for Your Heart to Heal, You Need This

I get it, you're ready to be healed now. You're ready to feel better and move on with your life. You've been waiting and waiting, but still nothing and your patience is running thin. 

You ate a gallon of ice cream, you went to the gym, you detoxed your life and still got zip. And you're beginning to feel impatient.

When the hell is life gonna quit throwing punches? The truth is that the curveballs will never stop coming but I promise that as cliche as it sounds, time really does heal all wounds.

It may not heal them in the time table you wish it would, but one day you will wake up and realize you're over it. There's a lot to learn from a heartache and if you focus on the lessons and not the pain, you might the healing process more bearable.

I know that it feels like the whole process is way too slow and I know that it's hard not to feel frustrated, but be patient with yourself. Whether you realize it or not, everyday you're getting a little bit better. A little stronger, a little less sad, a little less angry, a little more in control.

Give yourself credit for the progress that you are making and give yourself permission to take all the time you need.

It's hard to look around and feel like everyone else is happy and carefree, like they just snap their fingers and magically make all their problems disappear.

But that probably isn't true–don't compare your healing process to anyone else's, because there will always be so much that you don't see.

All you can do is have grace on yourself and let you heart heal at its own pace.

Because one day you're going to understand the lesson in all of this and you're going to see how much it allowed you to grow.

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