If You're Going to Date the Firecracker Girl, be Prepared for the Flame

Sweet, spice, and everything nice–that’s what girls are made of…right?

Try a little more spice; add in a dash of sass, a pinch of charm, and a whole lot of attitude and you’ve got yourself a perfect firecracker girl. 

She’s bold, witty, charming, and she’ll knock your ego down a few pegs in a really endearing sort of way. Not to mention, she’s just as fiery in the sheets so it’s really a win-win.

The girl has a lot of great qualities–she is fiercely loyal, extremely ambitious, and incredibly strong. She’ll always have your back, but you definitely have to be prepared for what you’re getting yourself into with this girl. 

She burns brighter than every star in the sky, but that power is not limited to her positive attributes. While full of things that will amazing you like her unmatchable resolve of will and her ability to bring a smile to anyone who meets her, she’ll also show that sass isn’t always just cute.

She’ll talk circles around you in an argument and make your head spin around so many times that you finally concede because you’re too dizzy to even remember what you were arguing about, let alone make a decent rebuttal.

Those adorable quips that you once found so endearing can quickly crawl under your skin until you want to peel it off just to scratch the itch.

Being with this girl is a major commitment because she is anything but ordinary. She needs stability and she needs to know that you won’t walk out the door as soon as life gets tough because she comes on a little strong.

The truth is that she cares so much more than most people can even fathom and often gets her passion mistaken for absurdity. 

She isn’t easy. But once you take the time to truly get to know her and see her for what she really is, you’ll never look back.

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