If Your Name Starts with 'A', Here's What it Says About You

Did you know you could destroy dragons? Dragons are not actually real, they just roar to scare you away from your goals. In fact, they are afraid of determined heroes, they take flight at their approach.  ? Bangambiki Habyarimana

Names that start with the letter A are charged with powerful qualities you probably haven’t realized you have. The layers of your personality are the perfect mix that will help you take over the world one step at a time. You’re a bold, intellectual force that makes you stand out from the crowd and be ahead of the game in life in general. 

Take a dive and immerse yourself in your beautiful complexities. 

1. Confidence is your middle name and is the driving force in everything that you set your mind to. 

2. You know how to make yourself a priority and are unapologetic about it…

3. Because not being completely dedicated to yourself and everything you do would go against your independent nature

4. No matter how long it takes, you’ll achieve the goals you set. Because your focus and commitment are unbreakable

5. And well, you just won’t stop thinking about it until you make it happen

6. You try to be patient, but always end up reacting fast

7. But you have other strong traits to balance you out. You’re attractive, polite and open-minded. Emphasis on polite…

8. Although you’re able to navigate sarcasm like a shark 

9. Your problem-solving skills are super sharp 

10. And that makes you the type of person who inspires authority and is capable of stabilizing any rocky situation 

11. You are just a natural born leader and caretaker

12. You’re loyal and trustworthy to a fault

13. Because having a big heart is also part of your DNA

14. But you guard your heart with diligence. You’re not the type to open up about your feelings right away. 

15. You require love, appreciation, and respect in a relationship

16. Because that’s how much you put into the relationships that matter to you

17. You like to only surround yourself with honest, upfront people that can be at your level emotionally and intellectually 

18. So you don’t have the patience or tolerance for people who are fake and try to pollute your life with their bullshit 

19. When it comes to love, you’d like to be a romantic but you can’t help being practical 

20. But you appreciate the value of romance in a relationship and give it your all when the right person wins your heart

21. You need your partner to be supportive of your strong will and independence or the relationship will have a short expiration date. 

22. You can’t be with someone who doesn’t appreciate all of you. To you, that shows that they don’t love themselves enough to appreciate the complexities of someone else.  

23. You are not shallow in the least but you care about your physique and your overall well-being

24. Because you’re the type of person who’s always striving to achieve a better you. 

25. And that makes you a sweet, driven, badass girl whose name has to start with no other than the letter A.