If You Truly Love Him, Let Him Go

I simply give up. I did everything I could to make this work but the sad truth is, I might love you to pieces but I’m not the one for you. I might have played an important part in your life but that doesn’t mean we get to continue on the same path together. The truth is hard to swallow but if I love you this much, I have to let you go.  I must admit, saying it leaves my heart in shambles but it’s not right to hold onto you like you’re my property.

I must be strong and reconcile with this painful reality on my own. I have to be grateful for the love that you gave me for the time that it lasted. Thanks to you I was able to experience emotions I never thought I could experience. You came into my life and broaden my ability to love in a way I never thought possible. Now you’re showing me that sometimes love is fleeting and I must learn to savor it, appreciate it and let it free.  

As I become part of your past, I hope that the memories that we created together bring you joy. I hope you know how lucky you are for allowing me to love you like I did and still do. I hope to leave an everlasting mark on your heart just like you did on mine.  

I want so bad to be selfish and never let go of your hand but my heart will never allow me to get in the way of your happiness. If your life will be better without me, then I will find the strength to  overcome losing you. I will promise to continue cheering you from a distance even it’ll mean to see you in someone else’s loving arms.  

I don’t want you to feel bad for me. I would never want you to feel pity for my sadness. I’m responsible for my emotions and I’m strong enough to handle them. Loving you was a risk worth taking and I don’t regret being by your side even if it was short lived. 

Goodbye my love, go on and find your happiness somewhere else. From the bottom of my heart I wish your future is bright and prosperous, filled with the love that you deserve.

Today my heart surrenders to this painful reality and lets you go. No matter who you end up with, I’ll always celebrate the love that we shared. I will always remember your face, your laugh and the way you held me with a big smile on my face. 

"It's okay if I'm not the favorite chapter you have written, but I hope you sometimes smile when you flip back to the pages, I was still a part of" 

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