If You Start to Miss Her Remember She Didn't Walk Away, You Let Her Go

Heartbreak is one of the most gut-wrenching, excruciating pains a big loving heart never wants to experience. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to protect and guard your heart, in order to experience love fully, you must risk getting your heart shattered to pieces.

Unavoidable heartbreak is exactly what happened to her when you walked away, she had nowhere to hide from the unbearable suffering that you inflicted. She felt as if her soul was slowly withering away and the grief was going to inevitably erase her out of existence. 

So if you start to miss her, think about what you put her through, think about how big of a fool you were to let her go. It was you who turned something pure and beautiful into chaos and perhaps now that you’re starting to realize what a big part she played in making your life whole, you’ll experience the loss as much as she did.  

Because she was true and loyal to you in every possible way. She loved you hard and you must admit that the way she loved you brought out the best in you. Because of her, you were able to see a side of you that you’ve never seen before. A side capable of receiving her unconditional  love. In the end you were not willing to accept it and now that you’ve let her go, you’ll see how meaningful life really was waking up by her side. 

Can you feel how dull your life is now? Can you see how futile it was to create chaos where there was none? It was easy for her to love you because she had the ability to only see beauty in you. But her purity scared you off and you lost. 

The moment it got too real for you, you quit, you bailed and you left. You let her drown in tears while calling your name and asking you to come back.

You’ll regret leaving her, maybe not today but soon you’ll realize she was right for you. In that moment, your heart will sink and you’ll wish you could turn back time to that first moment she expressed all the love she had for you with a simple touch. You might never experience a love like her and it will be the biggest loss your heart will have to live with because the truth is, letting her go was the worst decision you ever made. 

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