If You Let Me, I'll Love You Like You Deserve

If I had to pick a single reason why I loved you there would be no possible way, because reasons  can fade away. What I have for you can’t fade away so I’d have to say that it’s because of who you are.That’s why I can love you this way.”- Audi Anderson

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it is unpredictable. Things can seem to being going so well before it knocks you over and you’re lying on your back looking at the stars wondering how you got there. It’s that moment when you feel like the world is against you, when you feel like you’re all alone.That is the moment that I’m here to remind you that you really are never alone, because I’ll always be on your side.

These aren’t empty promises, I’m not going to take them back, I’m giving you my word.

I promise you not to rush things. Relationships can be scary, especially when you start to open yourself up to the possibility of someone knowing everything about you. I promise to go at whatever pace makes it easier and more comfortable to you.

I’ll be there even when you drive me ten shades of crazy.

I’ll pull when you push me away.

I’ll love the things you hate about yourself.

When you think you are sucking at life I’ll remind you you’re excelling.

When the skies are grey, I’ll be there to help you see the rainbow.

I’ll love you when you don’t like yourself.

I’ll love you even when you don’t understand why.

I’ll stick around even if you expect me to run.

I’ll face your demons with you; you’ll never have to go alone.

I’ll kiss away your fears, and wipe away any tears.

I can be the strong one when you’re feeling weak.

Even if we fight and argue I’ll still be there.

I won’t let you go to bed upset, I’ll always remind you I care.

I’ll keep you safe.

I promise to guard your heart.

I’ll believe in us even when it seems impossible.

I’ll be honest with you, no matter what.

I’m not afraid to disagree with you, but it doesn’t mean I won’t listen.

I’ll appreciate you for all your imperfections, because they are what make you who you are.

I’ll cherish all the memories we make, it’ll be my favorite movie.

I’ll trust you enough that I can open my heart to you.

I’ll be by your side and push you to achieve your dreams, even if I don’t understand them.

I’ll do all of this not because you ask me to, or because it’s expected but because I want to.

Through the good, the bad, the ugly, the silly, the messy and everything in between. As long as you’ll have me, you’ll never have to go through life alone, because life is better when you share it with someone else.

And if you let me, I'll love you like you deserve. 

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