If You Haven't Gotten The Closure You Were Looking For, Read This

Life is unpredictable. We never know why things seem to fade away – like almost relationships all the way to losing the job we really may have wanted. We may never know the exact reasons things happened the way they did or what reasons led up to them occurring.

And sometimes we hold onto the outcome. We wonder why things ended that may not have been the root of reason at all. We begin to search and search for answers – but we add onto our stress because we cannot let go. We maybe become consumed in what we think was the reason things happened they way they did…

And it becomes had to let go. It becomes hard to think of a future when the present was looking up to be so good. 

Maybe we are not ready to accept that certain things are supposed to be lessons. Maybe we are not ready to look at a silver lining because we haven't gotten the closure we so badly are looking for.

Perhaps we feel we might not ever understand. Closure is something so passionately we hope we can get, and we can attain. We want so much to know why things were taken from us –  why people were so willing to let us go. 

But the thing is sometimes not getting closure is part of the never scope of things. Sometimes we don't get it because we are unable to.

And that is a tough pill to swallow I understand. But the world is so vast – and there are so many opportunities out there. The world does not close off to someone with all the potential you have to show this world.

And while it may be confusing, while you may be unsure, while you may not understand – there is the world out there waiting for you. Waiting for you to grow and expand all you have to offer it. 

Closure I understand is something we wish and we hope for. It is something we want and desires so we know what the hell or where the hell we went wrong. But I promise you there is more out there than dwelling on what could have or should have been.

I promise you that this life is more than that. I promise you lessons like these will push you, and you will grow strong. Closure is nice I understand, but you don't need it to move on. You have to trust yourself and trust your instinct.

Trust your talents – trust all you have and use that move forward. 

You got this – so be sad or upset, or confused for as long as you need to and then let go. 

The future is bright with you in it, but you have to trust yourself to know there is more out there. 

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