If You Feel Like You Are About To Break, Read This

I want you to that it is okay to feel the way you do. It is okay to let those tears stream and not know exactly why they are falling in the first place.

Sometimes we may not always know why the world around us is crashing, and we can’t pinpoint an exact reason for why we find ourselves bawling.

But it is okay to feel. To think. To be unsure. 

You are human afterall. 

It is okay if you find yourself letting out sadness for things that happen a while ago. Pain is pain, and sometimes it comes back even when we think it should remain in the past. 

It is difficult to feel we don’t know how to fix everything or all the problems that seem to rise to the surface. 

That pain you feel is okay to have. That quench of pulsing in your chest is real. And I know it may feel the pain might not go away, but oh it will my dear. In time it will. 

It is okay if you might be embarassed to cry in front of people. Crying doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. And honestly people who don’t understand that emotions are something to be shown are missing the point. It is not you that has the issue – it is there.

It is okay if you way of coping involves sappy music, or a pillow to hide your sobs.

Afterall we grieve differently. We shed our shells differently. No one is a like in how they deal with a broken world, or feelings of hopelessness.

But you are not a lone, so many people have sat where you are sitting. Have tried to appear strong when they are the farthest from that. If you don’t want people to hear your sounds of sadness it is okay too.

If you decide you aren’t ready or feel you can’t get up… it is your life…it is okay to experience this all first hand and more. 

You wanting to show emotions is normal – it is fine you are human. Sometimes we break, and we cannot be strong all the time. We become vulnerable and it is okay if people come and check in on you at your worst. 

It is normal to want to let your feelings out. To be in tune with how you really feel means that you are in tune with your body.  Let no one take that away from you.

Your feelings are yours and yours a lone so don’t let anyone else make you feel like they are not worth shedding. They are valid.

You are valid. And you matter even if you feel like you are breaking.

Right now in this moment, it may feel like the world is all over – that you don’t matter and no one understands you. 

But I promise you – it will be okay. And darling you will be okay. 

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