If You are in an Abusive Relationship, Please Remember These Things

Being in an abusive relationship is tough, and it can hurt the ones you love. Some people don't realize they are in one, and others don't understand the levity of the abusive relationship they are in. This article is here to help you, your loved ones, and others about being in an abusive relationship. Remember, not everyone is lucky enough to escape.

You’re not the only one going through this, so don't feel isolated. Many girls think that they are the only ones going through an abusive relationship which is in-fact, wrong. Abusive relationships are more common than people think, the problem is that most who are in an abusive relationship keep it hidden from their friends and family. 1 in 3 women are victims of abuse in the US. Try to remember, you aren’t going through this alone and help is out there to assist you so…

Your well-being and feelings matter, so don’t be afraid to speak up. If you feel that you are in an abusive relationship, do not be afraid to talk to someone you trust and ask for help.Trust that you have the strength to reach out to get the assistance that you need to get out of your situation. This person could be a parent, a best friend, a teacher, a sibling, or even a pastor—if you have one. Loved ones are there to help you, and they are a trusted person you can vent to.

Abuse can be deceiving, so know that it comes in many forms . Abuse can come in several different forms; Sexual, physical, verbal, and mental. No matter how you are being abused, it is not acceptable, and you need to get away. Trust your instincts, if you feel that your partner is turning violent on you in any way or form, you should not have to put up with it no matter the circumstances. About 4,000 women die each year due to domestic violence. Don’t become a statistic, please get help.

Look out for yourself and be smart on how you choose to handle your situation If you are planning on escaping, don’t let your partner know about a potential plan. If they find out, stay away. An abuser could spark at any moment. They want you all to themselves, and they’ll do anything to keep you at their disposal. Don’t let them touch you, fend for yourself. If there is a time when they are NOT home, or around, RUN. Leave behind anything unimportant and GET AWAY.

Trust that you're capable of freeing yourself from your abuser. Once you do you will feel reborn. You’ll finally be able to go out with friends without them suffocating your every move. You’ll regain control of your life. The best part? You’ll finally be away from them. You won’t have to do a single damn thing for them anymore.

Don't feel shame for falling victim of an abuser. It could happen to anyone, so be strong and do whatever it takes to find the happiness that you truly deserve.