If He Thinks His Half-Ass Effort Counts As Love, Dump Him

Let’s get this straight, you never loved me. If you did, you would have treated me better. You would have been scared to lose me. What we had wasn’t love, it was you taking advantage of my heart.

The only thing you loved was the idea of you being loved. You wanted me there only to comfort you. The second things got hard for me, you threw me to the wolves. You got what you wanted from me then treated me as if I should have been taken out with the trash.

When I walked away, you told me that I was losing you. You said I was throwing our relationship away. But you had it all wrong. It was your actions that caused you to lose me. I finally walked away because I had enough. All you ever did was take me for granted.

You could have treated me right, and I would have stayed. If you would have loved me right, we could still be together but that just wasn’t the way things worked out. You decided for yourself.

I look back on the memories and think maybe we could have worked out. It wasn’t all bad, we had some good times too. But they weren’t worth the bad times. You putting a smile on my face wasn’t worth you feeling like I wasn’t good enough. A laugh or two wasn’t worth crying myself to sleep.

I couldn’t stick around just because you needed the attention. You needed to feel loved, and the love I gave you wasn’t enough. I couldn’t just stand by 24/7 making sure you felt validated enough. I needed to feel important too. Desperate for you to show me the same affection I showed you.

So keep acting like it was my fault. Play victim all you want, but I walked away and I am never coming back. I deserve better than you. Someone out there will treat me better than you ever did. Love me for me, and show me why they are still with me every single day.

Keep texting me apologizing and blaming the failure of our relationship on whatever you want. Just know, I owe you nothing. Not even a reply. I tried my hardest to love you, yet I got nothing in return. It is too late now to love me the right way. I am gone, because I owe it to myself to find better.

I hope next time you find love, you fall for them and not just the idea of love. You deserve to be happy. Stop letting your selfish ways hold you back from finding the love you deserve. You could have been loved, but you were your own victim.