I Will Always Keep Falling in Love With You

“There comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life” 

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve felt butterflies before, I’ve felt those thrilling sensations that let your heart and mind know that you’re in love. I thought I knew how my heart works, so I can’t say that I’ve never told myself that this time is different. But you, you currently hold the key to my heart. You inexplicably own my heart.

There are 7.5 billion people in this world and of everyone I’ve come across, the only man I want is you. I can say it with conviction because there’s something about the way you look at me that awakens my soul and brings peace to my mind. 

I know in my heart that we belong together. There is no other man willing to maintain the balance of love, laughter, and stimulation. There is no other love that is able to cradle me in their arms so perfectly. There is no other being who can make me feel protected.

There is no one else who is able to handle my madness, my sadness, and every other emotion I may be entangled in quite like you can. You go out of your way to make sure I’m happy. 

When you’re at your wits end with me, you are still able to promise me you won’t stay mad. You’re patient with my heart, you love all of me, flaws and all. You make me feel that nothing in this world can disintegrate your feelings for me.  

And that’s what I love about you – your patience, your resilience, your strength. You accept and support me for who I am. You’re willing to move mountains for us. 

Everything that you are is what I need and want. I choose you every day because you choose me every day.   

I’m grateful for your infinite love. I’m the luckiest person in this world for having you by my side and that’s how I know that I will always keep falling in love with you. 

“Because even forever doesn’t seem long enough with you”