I Want More from My Relationships and I'm Done Being Sorry for it

As a culture, we perpetuate the idea that women are inherently "too much." Too clingy, too loving, to distant, too big, too small, too loud, too quiet, too independent, too needy–you name it and women over do it.


I am so sick of being told I'm too much. Because the truth is that no matter what I am, I'll always be too much of something for someone. 

So that's why I'm done pretending like the noncommittal lifestyle suits me. 

I'm tired of playing hard to get and I'm over trying to play it cool when you tell me you want to keep things casual when what you really mean is that I'm coming on too strong and that scares your fragile, egotistical foundation of logic that you need more than just me all while stating that I'm also somehow too much for you.

You say I'm moving too fast, but you just want to keep your options open; or maybe I'm just expecting too much when I mention that sleeping around probably isn't the best way to cultivate a new relationship.

Yeah, silly me.

But you know what? I'm done.

Yes, I need more than a bimonthly text message and the flickering hope that you'll like me if I try really hard to do everything 'right.' 

I deserve to be pursued and sought after in ways that you may believe are too difficult, but I'm through acting like that's okay. I require effort and attention and I'm done being ashamed of that fact or pretending that I don't want more.

Because I am simply worth too much to accept what little you're willing to offer. 

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