I Know You're Scared, but Love Is a Risk Worth Taking

To truly love someone means to allow them to see you in your most vulnerable state and to be completely okay with that. I’m sure reading that one sentence can cause some apprehension and the thought can be absolutely petrifying. Love can be a scary thing but not always.

Love can be unpredictable, one moment everything could be going great and the next thing you know love can have you lying face down unsure what hit you. We’ve all gone through some form of heartbreak which leaves you wondering if love is worth the pain but true love is worth everything you’ve ever been through.

There is always going to be some kind of worry attached with love, because deep down everyone is looking for the same thing. Someone who makes their day better, someone who sees everything you hate about yourself and is going to love it all. The hope of finding someone that puts in as much effort as you do, that has the capability to love you like you love them.

Don’t let one person ruin you or turn your heart to stone. Don’t try and see the bad in something good, embrace it and don’t push that person away. Don’t let the fears of the “what ifs?? or “could have been?? keep you from finding happiness.

You have to believe that you deserve the kind of love you hear about and I’m not just taking about the kind of love that Hollywood emulates or social media shoves down your throat. I’m talking about the love that makes you feel the most comfortable, that heals the worst pain you’ve ever been through and puts a smile on your face when you think about the future.

Heartbreak has the power to turn a person who once embraced the idea of love and convince them to put bars around their hearts. Don’t do this, don’t lock your heart up with so many locks that even you yourself can’t figure out how to release yourself.

Fear can ruin a person. It can ruin absolutely every chance you have in life to do anything. Don’t let that fear push away love forever.

I promise you that you are loveable, and that one day you will find the one person who makes it all make sense. Love is never going away so it makes no sense to shut yourself off from it.

One day you’ll be so happy you gave that person your phone number, which led you to say yes to that second date. It may not be this person but eventually you’ll start to feel what real love feels like and one day you’re going to bravely tell someone you love them and you won’t have to worry or be anxious because they’re going to tell you that they love you too.

You’re going to find that love that you have so willingly given out to others, and you’re going to receive the love that you deserve. It will be everything you could ever dream of and so much more.

Yes love can be risky, but anything worth having in life sometimes requires you to take a risk. You won’t always get it right but when you find the right one whose heart speaks to yours in a way you never thought possible you’ll be thankful that you took the risk on love.

The risk will be worth taking when you find the one that you can’t picture living life without. Take your time and don’t rush these things but just remember that once you find your person, you’ll be thankful because love really is worth every risk.  

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