I Know Our Love is Strong Enough to Take Us All the Way

Every since I met you, you’ve been the one that lit the fire in my heart and for that and many other reasons I love you with every ounce of my being. I know that what we have is unique and I can’t wait to see where our love will take us. 

I’m surrendering my heart to you because I know your heart is as big as mine. And I know that together we can have a forever kind of love. I never thought I would be ready for this, buy you make me be ready for love. 

I’ve been hurt and I’ve been betrayed. Because of that I’ve learned to not expect love. I’ve learned to hold back and hide my feelings. But since you came into my like, I know these emotional walls will not allow me to experience our love to the fullest. 

But I’m scared of tearing my walls down and then being left behind defenseless and abandoned. I know it’s irrational thinking.The truth is, I am terrified of the unknown, but deep down I know that you’re the person I can trust to help me let my guard down. 

Maybe you have been hurt by someone as well. Maybe you are just as afraid of betrayal as I am. But I want you to know that is one thing I would never do.  I will not break your trust. I will not let your love be taken for granted. 

I might be a bit of a walking contradiction but my love for you is real and all you need to know is how committed to us I am. 

I know you have the patience that is required to love me and grow our love. And I know I have what it takes to love you back with the same amount of heart and intensity that you give me. I know I can be there for you always. I want to watch you pursue your dreams and grow into the person that you want to become.

I want you to keep showing me your deepest emotions, so I can keep learning how to be there for you. I want to share our lives deeply and completely. I want us to keep  being there for each other through whatever comes our way. 

I want you to keep pushing me to do the things that scare me because you want to see me grow. Teach me to laugh at myself and how to calm down when I am upset. 

Keep teaching me how to love you even more everyday. Allow me to continue seeing the beauty of the little things that make you who you are. 

Everyone has imperfections. I know I do too. I’m working on them. You showed me how to do it. Because you are the type to listen to his imperfections and flaws and work on making them better. And I’m forever grateful for that. 

You always have an open mind an open heart and I immensely love you for that. 

What I don’t want is for us to get wrapped up in the shallowness of the world. I want us to work hard and live a comfortable fulfilling life. 

I know we can overcome trials together.  I know we can support each other in hard times. I want to create wonderful memories together. Have a future where the good things from our past helped us make greater things out of the future. 

Lets move forward together. Let’s learn together and grow old together. Lets work together to be the best humans we can become. Let’s focus our lives on service and love. 

Let’s raise our children with love and kindness. Lets teach them to be genuine just like you and I are. 

We have what it takes to make this work and take it all  the way.  Our love is strong enough to be a forever kind of love. You want the same thing. I know. So let’s do this. Together.