I Know Our Lives Have Changed, But That Didn't Mean Our Friendship Had To

Life gets really hard. 

And, friendships get harder and harder to keep up as you get older. You have to juggle jobs, relationships, bills, and changing dynamics all while trying to stay in contact. 

Some friendships can weather these storms with grace. Other friendships start to fade at the first signs of change. 

And, that's what happened with us. We said we would be friends forever, but we couldn't adjust to the changes. 

You chose one path for your life and I chose another. And, that should have been fine. Except that it wasn't. 

For some reason, we couldn't bridge the gap. We couldn't hold on to the foundation of our friendship with all of the changing dynamics. 

Our conversations became more forced. And, then they became less and less common. Until there came a time that I couldn't even remember the last time we had truly talked and not just kept tabs on each other on social media. 

And, that's what hurts the most. We were supposed to be constant. We were supposed to make it through graduation and through marriages and babies. 

We were supposed to be standing next to each other for all the big moments and all the little ones in between. 

But, something changed. And, I'm not blaming you. It was both of us. 

We didn't grow together. We lost sight of why we were ever friends. And, then it was too late. We couldn't find our way back. 

So, now, even though we are civil, it feels like one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life. Because you were it. You were my go-to person for life. And, now, we might as well be strangers. 

I used to be the first call, but now all that I know about your life is whatever you share with the rest of your social media friends. 

You used to be the first person I went to for advice, and now you wouldn't even know that something was wrong because we don't talk anymore. 

I don't know where we went wrong. I don't know why we couldn't make it work. But, I know that it is something that will always make me look back with a hint of sadness. 

Because life is full of unexpected disappointments, but I never thought our friendship would be one of them. 

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