I knew you were cheating, yet I picked to ignore it…

Once a cheater always a cheater. That's what they say right? But when it comes to your loved one cheating, you want to hope that they wont do it anymore. Not in my case..

That saying, "I've been through hell and back for you." It changes when it is said for us. I like to look at it more like, "I've been through hell.. And you kept me there." 

I was head over heels for you. I would have done anything for you, in fact I did. I let you walk all over me day after day, night after night. Crying myself to sleep. Never saying a word. What was I scared of? Losing the guy who obviously don't care enough about me? Can't you see what you're doing is slowly killing me? I've changed into someone I don't even recognize anymore.

From the outside looking in, I must look like a complete and utter idiot. But you don't even know the half of it. I feel that way too, I just never knew how to let go. You're hurting me, but you're in my life. That's all I want, right? No.. Not anymore. 

You have taken a huge part of my life and have stomped on my heart. As sad as it is, if you text me or call me there's a huge change I'll answer. I know it'll take time and I know it won't be easy.. But letting you go is the best thing I could do for myself. It's time to get my life back. 

Here's to a new me.. A better me.