I Don’t Need You To Say, "I Love You," I Want You To Show Me

Words are easily spoken. They make us feel good and create comfort.  Especially when it comes to love, hearing those three words for the first time can be truly exciting. 

But as it is the case with all words, they are the unmanifested expressions of ideas and concepts. Only our actions can make them real.

It takes a lot more than just words to truly love someone. Some people say they love us, but they do not act upon their words. Their actions do not coincide with their words.

I don’t wait for the day when you whisper in my ear that I mean everything to you, I wait for the day when I actually feel like I do. 

Words can be spoken just to please someone and promises can be made too, but feelings and emotions are a language of their own.People may doubt what you say. But they believe what you do. 

And so many girls live for the day when someone professes their undying love, but I’d rather see it in your actions than hear it.

If you say you believe in us, how will I know it’s true unless you show me?

Because it is easy to say you love me,  but it’s difficult to prove it. 

The challenge is the effort, not the declaration.

Your empty words don’t give me reassurance, and they shouldn’t have to.

 I don’t want to be reminded that your love is real, I want to know that it is. 

Because I’d rather suffer through never hearing those words spoken, than suffer hearing them and feeling insubstantial anyway.

It’s how you make me feel that really matters. 

And sometimes it’s more comfortable to not say anything at all. 

Whether it is out of fear or complacency, our comfort shouldn’t have to come from words alone. Words have to be backed by actions. 

Because as good as words can feel, they can cause that much pain in return.

Anyone can tell me that they love me, but you’re the only one who can make me feel loved with your actions.