I Didn't Think I'd Love Anyone As Much As I Love Pizza, But Here We Are

I was totally cool being single. I ate what I wanted, I drank what I wanted, and fashion sweats became my daily wardrobe. I was content. 

Then you came along, looking all handsome and stuff, and *poof* my life was changed.

Luckily it changed for the better. 

I still eat pizza on my couch, but now you're next to me and we split a large, so now I don't eat a medium all by myself, which is probably healthier for me. 

Plus, you are super chill about how anal I am about my toppings and that is TRULY appreciated. 

I still drink wine as much as I want, but now sometimes it's with you at restaurants, surrounded by actual real people, and the pizza is fancy flatbread that is artisanal and fuckin' delicious. 

I still wear my fashion sweats, but now when I spend the night at your place or on Sunday mornings when we're drinking coffee in my kitchen. Now, I have someone to get dressed up with, to have adventures with, and jeans are starting to make a reappearance in my life. 

You are the Mark Darcy, to my Bridget Jones, I was a loveable, hot weirdo than you came along and loved me "just the way I am" and I became a better version of me, but still me! I will forever be the Pizza loving, wine drinking, comfy babe, but you make me that and so much more. 

Don't mean to be cheesy (teehee), but you are more delicious than pizza.

You turned this selfish, hermit, into an actual human, and I'm forever grateful that your pizza order is now saved with mine on our dominos profile, that's love to me. 

You are my pizza soulmate. If I had to choose, I'd choose you. 🙂 and that's the most romantic thing I've ever said. 

I didn't think my life needing changing, I didn't think I'd ever change from being the single girl who LOVES pizza cliche, but here we are.

Single ladies, there's hope!