I Am Not Sorry For Being An Involved Mother

“You do so much stuff with your kid, it’s beginning to make me feel like a bad parent.”

That was the comment I received from you the other day in response to the agenda my family had for the weekend. This comment cut me pretty deep, since I never want to make someone feel less than me- especially when it comes to the toughest job in the world: parenting.

However, the more I thought about it and had time to analyze the response to my weekend plans, I became more offended than sorry.

Because here is the thing:

I ensure that my child spends about 30 minutes outside playing a day. She loves being outside and needs the exercise and Vitamin D. I need the fresh air. It’s a win-win situation. It is also not much time to take out of my life to set down all electronics, put on some bug spray, and get sweaty and dirty with my kid. All she wants in this world is to play and to do that with her parents by her side.

I want my daughter to remember her mom as someone who participated in her fun, not just sat on the sidelines and watched. I want to grow old and tell my grandchildren (if I have any) the stories of the times their mother and I went on adventures and weren’t afraid of getting muddy.

I want all children to have these memories with their parents, much like I have with my own.

So, I apologize for my actions making you feel less than me- but I am not sorry for doing things with my child every day and talking about it the next day. I’m not sorry my social media memories are full of loving memories that one day only she will cherish because I will be gone.

I’m not a helicopter mom, and I know there are different styles for each parent and differing children. But please don’t come to me making me feel guilty for the things you  don’t do that I do with my child.

If you feel like a bad parent when I do (what should be) normal things for my child, maybe you should start evaluating your parenting, not calling out mine.