Here's To The Girls Who Stay, Even When The One They Love Hurts Them

Hey – I don't know why you have decided to stay. Maybe it is that you can't leave.

Who knows maybe it is because you believe this person is perfect and deserving of your love. 

Maybe you're so attached to leave, too exhausted to try and make a push for something better. I get it is hard. I get it is difficult. It is all kinds of chaotic and confusing.

But the fact is I still am calling, bs.

I'm calling bs on the fact that you deserve to be treated in a way that makes you feel small. Or that makes you feel like you need to blame yourself for anything and everything. I call bs, on them needing to take their anger out on you. For them to make you feel that you need to apologize for things that they did.

Honestly, I get that being attached makes it difficult, it makes it hard. But love – and honey I mean real love shouldn't leave you questioning. It shouldn't be short term, and it should never make you feel you have to stay.

See the hardest part is is that it can be difficult to find a future in which you what you know in the moment. That's the hardest part – that the love in front of you is or has been shown to be all you know. Perhaps it seemed real in the moment – but darling there is a difference between controlled love and the love you really deserve.

It is hard, you chose to love and stay – but you never thought the love you would get would be back handed. Maybe you never thought it would break you. Or that you would be the only one putting more in.

But the thing is you deserve more.You deserve someone who will pick up those broken pieces – someone who will not treat you like you are a problem, but a someone they adore and make feel important.

Everyone deserves something better – and you no matter how you love the one who hurts you, –  you deserve better. 

You deserve the one who will be with you and want to watch how they say things. They will not belittle you or make you small. The one who really loves you will care about who you are and who you choose to amount to. They will look to a future with you, and hold onto that. They will invest in your well-being through the belief that you can amount to anything you set your mind to. 

They will commit themselves to you. They will treat you like you matter.  

And the thing is you deserve to be treated like you matter – and anyway whether you see it or not who doesn't tell you how wonderful you are – or doesn't speak about how much good you are doing…

Or if they make you feel like you are the problem does not deserve your love or affection you have to give.  No one deserves to be treated any less than the treatment they give to others.

The thing is you have to be the one who sees that there are better people out there worth giving your love to.

You have to be the one to see that the prolonged pain and questioning you have been holding onto is real and perhaps demands your attention. 

Love is not supposed to hurt. It is not supposed to be something that makes you feel horrible about yourself.

So while it may be hard to let go of the one you love – but I promise there is so much more to life than holding onto someone who can't stand but to hurt you.

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