Here's The Thing, Women Don't Exist To Please You

Women have been told from various sources like media, magazines, even celebrities that women are second-hand citizens whose purpose is to be sexualized. We have been broken down as meat to please men or we become glazes for sexual natural. But the thing is we don't just exist to please – we don't just exist to show off and be okay with cat calling and seductive unwanted advances.

Women don't exist just to exist to just please you, or any man to be honest. We don't exist to accept compliments we never wanted. We aren't here to be laid out as sheep for the slaughter. And I damn well don't exist to be told what to do with my body or be told what is acceptable to wear according to your standards.

Women don't thrive to be someone's else's property. 

Our bodies are our own, and only we own them. We get to decide what happens to them, and how we use them. If we want to be sexy we'll let it happen. If we are more modest then so be it. But we don't do it for any man. Our bodies thrive and seduce because we want them to. Men who try to assert their power as if women are passive objects – don't understand women at all. 

Women exist to be strong, to be their own persons. And no compliments can take that away, no unwanted advancements are going to take to that strength away from them.

So teach others that women are not property, but full fledge fighters.

Teach sons and men alike that just because compliments are given doesn't  mean ownership is happening. See there is a difference between holding a conversation with a woman, and being thrown the basic "You're hot, wanna do something about it" advancement. Assault with words is ignored, and we certainly don't exist to respond. 

So teach men how to listen to women. Teach them how to listen and how to talk. Teach them how to love women with their words, and not expect anything in return. Teach them that a woman deserves to be heard, and that venom of what they might want is not the focus.

Women don't exist so you can determine their worth based on their bodies.

So teach others that a woman's body doesn't dictate her worth. That for every stretch mark, every birthmark, everything you don't deem is beautiful is. Because really despite all the cellulite, all the comments on your identity, you are all women. We are all women. And we do not exist for anyone but ourselves.

We exist to be strong – we exist to be who it is we would like to seek after. And no one can take that way, that strength, that valor, that sass, that desire to be who it is we want to be.

The attention we want comes from what we decide to do with ourselves. We want more than the oh baby let me, do you. We want more than the dehumanizing stares or the assaults on us, and on our character when we said no.

See women don't  a battle with your sons. 

With the uncles, the politicians, the men….

It is not a battle between men or women, it is a matter of principle – it is a matter of existence.

It is the matter of calling BS to those who think our job and our living depends on only being a baby maker to men. We have so much more to work through. We have so much more to be and live for.

We have enough of others telling us who we should be, and who we should be living for. 

We are women and we exist to please ourselves, and that is that. And in this life, or society, might tell us we exist for others – might exist to please others but the truth is that is not the case.

We are women hear us roar.

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